A Passion of Blacksmith

Metal Work, Design & Creativity

A Passion of Blacksmith

Metal Work, Design & Creativity

All in One

A Complete Service,
from Architecture & Design,
to Execution & Production.

From the request of the architect, interior designer or the client is looking for something specific. In both cases we are always expected for our technical expertise. After a presentation meeting to the project, we are working on the technical drawings and on the best design respecting the client’s request.

Recent Projects

Our Realisations

Our portfolio of recent residential and commercial projects we had the privilege to work on.

Tropic Garden Penthouse

Penthouse ambiance Factory, work in collaboration with T3 Architects (Saigon). Technical study and construction of steel furniture, metal structure, decorative metal wall covering the staircase, lighting, arbor on roof top terrace.

Villa D2 Trần Ngọc Diện street

Work in collaboration with Unique Design (Saigon). Study and realization of balconies, pergolas (canopy) and monumental main portal. The portal weighs 4.5tons and took 2900hrs of work. Inspired by Parc Monceau France 1870.

Penthouse District 3

Work in direct relation with the Client. We designed and created the decorative walls (brass steel) concealing the elevator doors, carried out the “tree in the wind” sculpture, and a custom-made barbecue made of cast iron. This project shows our flexibility and creativity.

All in One

A Complete Service,
from Architecture & Design,
to Execution & Production.

From the request of the architect, interior designer or the client is looking for something specific. In both cases we are always expected for our technical expertise. After a presentation meeting to the project, we are working on the technical drawings and on the best design respecting the client’s request.


Our Process

study process

1 – Receipt of technical and 3D drawings related to the project.
2 – Costing and Estimate based on the drawing received. Variant costing and adaptations according to requests.
3 – After acceptance of the estimate cost from the client, adaptation of the technique according to the request.
4 – Drawing validation technique.


1 – After receipt of the fixed deposit in the estimate and the contract, Purchase of 100% of useful materials.
2 – Manufacturing according to shop drawings, Operating mode inspired by French production techniques. Over time, the Blacksmith & Design teams have acquired a good knowledge of the different production techniques.
3 – Technical training is part of the production.
4 – Control at the production stages.


1 – Price anti-rust precaution according to the situation of the projects.
2 – For outdoor projects we offer a metallization (zinc projection, standard protection in Europe) and two anti-rust layers and two more finishing paint layers.
3 – We also offer powder coating techniques, and different patina color on brass and copper.
4 – Then we proceed to the delivery and installation on site.

“I like to say that we are able to do what we draw. We are known to do complex works in different materials.”

Steel & Skills

A Unique Know-How in Vietnam

Sébastien SICOT has 30 years of experience in this business. He has an excellent knowledge of the different techniques for transforming steel, which allows him to find the best designs to achieve the objective. He has been driven by the love of this profession from an early age and knows how to share it with his team.

“I need young workers who like to work with steel and ready to learn and I teach them to become independent and like technical challenges.”

Local business Enhancer

Work with Materials,
Use of Local Metals

We are proficient in steel, brass, aluminum, copper, corten and stainless steel. We are able to respond to any type of work and in its various materials. Each material has its particularity and requires precise knowledge. We have a role of technical advisor to our customers and that is our difference.

“Our strength is to master the transformation of several materials and to use them with several techniques.”

Importing the best

Our Products

We are the exclusive importers and distributers of Grand Forge and Eurokorten in Vietnam.
We commercialize their products in Vietnam, as well as customize them to create them on inquiry.

French "Savoir faire"

Sebastien Sicot

A french and blacksmith’s son, Sebastien SICOT was raised in an environment close to metal with more than 30 years evolving in the design and manufacture of metal work. He is also an active member of the COMPAGNONS DU DEVOIR a French organization of craftsmen and artisans where he studied for 10 years.

Since 2011 in Ho Chi Minh City, Sebastien SICOT owns and manages a company with fifteen workers which called BLACKSMITH & DESIGN.

Media Recognition

In 2017 Sebastien receives the French Expatriates Award

What Our Partners Say


Brice Belian Architect
Email: bricebelian@gmail.com

I have been working with Sebastian for many years now for custom made furniture and iron works. I appreciate his creative input for every project. The mutual collaboration allows my company to develop more interesting and original products for the client. The top of the range level of workmanship and the attention to detail makes Sicot Steel the best and most reliable company for Iron Works in Vietnam.

Damien Jamet Design Director
Email: damien@casamiainterior.com
Retail: www.casamiainterior.com
Distribution: www.urbanlegend-group.com
Design: www.damienjamet.com

Talent is nothing without the ability and the will to challenge oneself. Sebastien is both an experimented technician and a curious mind who never fears to take on a new technical challenge. Working along with him on several projects, I’ve always been amazed by his skills, his vision and his work ethic. He is very supportive throughout the project and never lets a client down. A talented artisan with great human values!

An Le Ditty Unique Design Saigon
Email: anleditty@uniquedesign.com.vn
Website: www.uniquedesign.com.vn

The clients of Unique Design expect extraordinary and we only collaborate with partners who share our vision. Sebastien has collaborated with us on numerous residential and commercial projects and has also crafted unique stand-alone pieces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and made to the highest standards. He understands ideas and creates realities. He works tirelessly to perfect his craft and to create beautiful and timeless product.

Thang Thai Hoa Phan Architect
Email: phanthangthaihoa@gmail.com
Website: www.tigonhome.com

I know Sébastien for almost 10 years. I highly appreciate him and his work as an artist and a treasure of traditional iron craftsmanship. His knowledge is wide and deep. For sure, not all customers can afford him, but I will never stop introducing him to anyone who is interested in iron artwork. I love every line and curve of his works, which appeal soul and beauty at once.

Charles Gallavardin General Director - Architect
Email: charles.gallavardin@t3architects.com
Website: www.t3architects.com

T3 Architects' philosophy is to collaborate with people having strong skills in one field. For steel and metal, our partner is Sebastien. He is the best expert in South East Asia. Sebastien is a "compagnon du devoir", the highest level of craftsmanship in France since the middle age. Having both high technical skills combined with an artistic approach is quite unique nowadays. His work is durable and his creations will last for decades, even centuries!

Olivier Moisan Managing Director
Email: olivier@lab-om.com
Website: www.lab-om.com/

We had on several occasion the opportunity to work with Blacksmith & Design. We have been very satisfied with their services and their work quality is awesome. Sebastien is a great professional not only at the delivering with the expected quality but also working beside you at finding the appropriate solution for your project. We will continue and repeat in future for sure.

Hân Lê Ngọc Art Division
Email: hanln@aacorporation.com
Website: www.aacorporation.com

Sir Sébastien est un atout pour tout grand projet d'art métal ou partenaires qui souhaitent archiver un travail très impressionnant de la bonne manière.

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