Our Services

All in One

A Complete Service,
from Architecture & Design,
to Execution & Production.

From the request of the architect, interior designer or the client is looking for something specific. In both cases we are always expected for our technical expertise. After a presentation meeting to the project, we are working on the technical drawings and on the best design respecting the client’s request.


Our Services

A Tailor-Made Production

Unique production of various works, staircase, balustrade, furniture, sculpture, decoration, Blacksmith works. French know how.

Heritage Restoration

French expert in art ironwork and steel production, we can refurbish your historic works like the original . 30 years of experience in ironwork.

"Grande Forge" Products

Exclusive distribution partnership for Grand Forge products for the production of stair railings and balustrades. Standard models on catalog.

Distribution of Corten Steel

Exclusive distribution partnership for Corten Steel sheets with our French partner EuroKorten.

Metal Joinery

Manufacture of metal doors & windows
(European system)

In the Vietnamese market, you can only find aluminum or wood joinery, with all kinds of qualities on offer.

We offer an alternative in Steel for the realization of doors, windows, awnings and verandas, canopies.

We guarantee:

  • A thinner and more resistant profile, galvanized and powder coated.
  • It can also be available in corten, brass and stainless steel for a unique and high end finishing product.
  • Fineness of the profiles, elegance of the works.
  • Foldable, large door size.
  • Better resistance to break-in, a safer product.

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Our Process


Our Process

study process

1 – Receipt of technical and 3D drawings related to the project.
2 – Costing and Estimate based on the drawing received. Variant costing and adaptations according to requests.
3 – After acceptance of the estimate cost from the client, adaptation of the technique according to the request.
4 – Drawing validation technique.


1 – After receipt of the fixed deposit in the estimate and the contract, Purchase of 100% of useful materials.
2 – Manufacturing according to shop drawings, Operating mode inspired by French production techniques. Over time, the Blacksmith & Design teams have acquired a good knowledge of the different production techniques.
3 – Technical training is part of the production.
4 – Control at the production stages.


1 – Price anti-rust precaution according to the situation of the projects.
2 – For outdoor projects we offer a metallization (zinc projection, standard protection in Europe) and two anti-rust layers and two more finishing paint layers.
3 – We also offer powder coating techniques, and different patina color on brass and copper.
4 – Then we proceed to the delivery and installation on site.